Friday, September 24, 2004

Republicans want Bush out too!

It's 15 minutes until quitting time and pitch black outside. i have $200 in a very rich neighborhood, so i should have more than $200 at this point. Where is the rich democrat?? There is always one in every republican neighborhood. I'll try one more mansion.

Nikki: (whispering) oh i see you're on the phone, i'll...
Jaime: (motioning with his hands to "stay put")
Nikki: (well at least he didn't wave me away)
Jaime: So, what can i do for you Kerry fan? (looking at the Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker on my clipboard)
Nikki: (yes! i knew there was one out there!) Well, i'm Nikki with the DNC and we're working very hard to put Kerry in the white house.
Jaime: Come in come in. Have a seat, i'll be right back.

He goes off into the kitchen where his wife asks him, "Who is here?" "The Democrats for John Kerry", he laughs. "I can't believe it!" she exclaims. "i know I know. I've gone nuts", he says laughing as he comes into the room carrying a bowl of fruit. This isn't going to be good. I'm thinking now, this is going to go poorly and i'm out of time tonight. This will be my last house. Great. Some republican asked me in to poke fun of me and entertain himself? I don't think so! We sit down.

Jaime: Well, i have to tell you. I'm a republican who is fed up with Bush. So it looks like John Kerry is my man. And i'll sit here and talk with you but i'm not giving you money.
Nikki: (yes you are!! BIG grin running through my veins right now) Oh, well that's too bad because that exactly why i'm here. But let me tell you why.

We talk for a few minutes about the swing states and how important they are to the campaign and how Bush can't get his act together and that he keeps saying really stupid things and how James Carville just sent out an email asking to support the DNC and that he was considering giving a contribution but would only do it by mail.

Nikki:But grassroots work is the most effective campaign tool right now. Some people just need a knock on the door and a registration form stuck in front of them to get involved. We also talk to people who are not on an email list or mailing list because they haven't voted for a long time, if ever. your contribution not only helps register voters in the swing states, but shows support for our work on the ground. i know it's not a fancy party and clinton won't come by to thank you for it, but I will. And the thousands of us walking 5 hours a day to find other contributors thank you for it.
Jaime: jesus. (he's squirming in his chair) I can't believe i'm going to give money to the Democratic Party.
Nikki: Hey, you are changing your vote. You might as well just dive on in there! Let's work together to get Bush out of office.
Jaime:How much do you need?
Nikki: Well the DNC can take up to $25,000. Since this is your first contribution, feel free to go up as high as you want to that limit. (serious smile)
Jaime: HA! how much do you really need.
Nikki:Honestly, about $5,000. (don't laugh. stay focused.)
Jaime:Here's $500. Do you have the registration form too?
Nikki: (yay! $500 from a Republican) I can't fundraise and register at the same time, but you can register online at
Jaime You are good you know?
Nikki: I want to be proud of this country again. So, it's not about being a good fundraiser. It's more about speaking from the heart. But you! I know it takes guts to change your mind in politics. Thank you.


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