Friday, September 10, 2004

I love Mill Valley

Mill Valley, California is my favorite city in the whole bay area. They are rich, tree hugging liberals with advanced degrees who are fiscally conservative yet understand the important costs of The Long Now. They live in redwood tree houses, read more than they watch tv, and sure they might have two cars, but at least one is a hybrid. Plus they are only 20 minutes from San Francisco--augh, the life.

I spoke to 21 people and received 11 contributions for a total of $503! What a night. Every other person i talked to gave me money for the cause. I was cheered by speeding cyclists, "You're doing great work!" I was offered a glass of wine from a women's book club discussing "Life of Pi". And a Mercedes full of grandmothers yelled out from their windows, "You go girl!" (that last part had me laughing for hours) I love Mill Valley.


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