Monday, August 02, 2004

a kindness please?

Mary: well, don't waste your breath on me, i'm a republican through and through.
Nikki: i see. no problem, have a nice evening!
Nikki: oh, and do you think i could ask you for a kindness?
Mary: sure, what do you need hon?
Nikki: i could really use a refill of water. (hand her my empty water bottle)
Mary: okay. (returns smiling)
Nikki: thank you.
Mary: see, republicans can be kind people.
Nikki: (genuinely smiling and thankful for the cold water) I knew you had it in you. (wink) thanks again!
Mary: (calling after me) good luck. for you. not your candidate. (laughter)

they just can't let it be. not even the "kind" ones.


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