Thursday, August 26, 2004

Done for the Year

(Ahh, modest home in a rich neighborhood...buddah fountains...zen landscaping...this is going to be good. I can feel it.)

Nikki: Hi, I'm nikki with the Democratic National Committee and we're...
Sophia: oh! I'm a big supporter. I've given to the campaign several times now.
Nikki: (yay!) great! then you know how important the month of august is to the Kerry campaign. By delaying the republican convention, Bush will raise and use over 50 million dollars against kerry. So we're asking out best supporters to help the DNC step up to bridge that gap. Kerry can no longer rely on his own money; it's up to the DNC to shoulder him through the rest of the campaign and we could really use your support tonight.
Sophia: but i've given the max.
Nikki: well, unlike the Kerry for President max of $2000, the DNC can take up to $25,000. (remain calm, smile. I can ask for $25,000. people do it all the time. oh my gosh, i just said $25,000. don't laugh)
Sophia: no, you don't get it. I've given the DNC's max.
Nikki: (OH!!) wow, well. gosh, you are done for the year. Please, i would love to shake your hand.
Sophia: (she smiles and gives me a hug instead) Thank you for working so hard out there.
Nikki: hey, we're doing it together! it's people like you who are supporting our grassroots efforts and just so you know, our office in San Francisco raises about $10,000 - $15,000 a day.
Sophia: wow! that's amazing.
Nikki: We all want bush out of offiice. It's really going to happen this time. (okay, this lovefest is getting to be a bit much for me) I better go, while there's still light outside.
Sophia: good luck!
Nikki: Thanks!


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